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Personal statement

Teaching others by simplifying complicated laws of nature and motivating them to learn without feeling inferior is what makes me self-satisfied and full of joy a day after day. Continuous learning, exploring new research areas and prospering in combination with raising children and making marvelous cookies is what gives my life a sense of purpose.


Computer modelling – UTLM – podcast 2

I am very pleased to share hot off the press bonus episode podcast #2 that discusses our latest contribution “Impact of In-Situ Radome Lightning Diverter Strips on Antenna Performance” that is to be published on IEEE AP journal.  The podcast is titled:“Computer Modeling for Radome Design” This is a bonus episode by Struck Podcast Team Allen Hall …

University of Nottingham

Allocation to Nottingham. Exciting and frightening. Enjoyable and lonely. Quite an experience. Quite a change. Being a stranger, but not feeling like one, being an individual thinker, but belonging to a group, working on your own, but also being engaged with others, simply feeling you are welcome – all that is possible thanks to the …



Room 302, Faculty of Electronic Engineering,
University of Niš
18000 Niš, SERBIA

E-mail1: tijana.dimitrijevic@elfak.ni.ac.rs

E-mail2: tijana.dimitrijevic@ieee.org

Skype: tijana10177